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Sonoma County Newborn Photographer: After Your Session

After your newborn session is over here is what you can expect.  I will excitedly upload your session photos to my computer and get started professionally editing them.  Usually within 24 hours I post a sneak peek image (or two!) on my Sweet Pickles

Sonoma County Newborn Photography: The Newborn Session

The newborns session itself is meant to be a relaxing and comfortable time for mom and baby.  One of the big things to note, is that newborn sessions take a lot of time, usually several hours.  Babies have their own rhythms, and when they are only a

Sonoma County Newborn Photography: Scheduling Your Newborn Session

Everyone loves pictures of babies. There is something about life so fresh from heaven that seems to draw a crowd of eager onlookers, or quiet “oohs” and “aaahhs”.  In the past 10 years, newborn photography has really become quite the trend. More and

Sonoma County Children’s Music- Kindermusik

Singing “hello” in the 3-5 year old class. A little over two years ago, I got an idea in my mind that I needed to find some sort of mommy and me class to do with my one year old daughter.  Remembering a friend who taught Kindermusik in

Santa Rosa Macaroni Kid and Designs By Kat

This is the second in our summer series on local business moms. Do you know a baby/kid/family related business run by a local, Sonoma County mom who needs a shout out? Send me an email and let me know, I’d love to shine a spotlight on a hard

Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic

Well, the best laid plans…I have been busily working with local business mom’s and arranging interviews and mini photo sessions, but as mom’s, we know that our kids come first and sometimes they get sick and our plans change! So,

Kids Cuts Rohnert Park

Welcome to our summer blog series featuring local business moms!  There are a lot of great businesses in Sonoma County run by intelligent, hard working, creative and talented moms! I’m excited to share a few of my local favorites with you! Our

Sonoma County Family Photographer: Sebastopol Family Session

I had the pleasure of working with this fun family a few weeks ago.  It is amazing in late spring here in Sonoma County, how quickly the landscape transforms before our eyes. This session was in early May and our location, a local regional park was

Sonoma County Newborn Photography

Over the life of my business, I’ve come to realize that newborns are my favorites!  I love children, families and seniors. Macro photography and landscape photography are wonderful genres as well, but when it all comes down, I really, really

Cake Smash!

Oh. My. Goodness. This session was SO fun! Little Lexi just turned one, and her mom was excited to schedule a photo session. We decided to do a cake smash!  Lexi’s mom, April, made the cake which tasted delicious (yes, I fully admit that after

Hopland Senior Session

I love living in the North Bay. There aren’t many places you can go in January and expect to get a gorgeous outdoor setting for a photo session!  We had a lovely day, perfect location, beautiful young woman– it doesn’t get any

Sonoma County Photographer- Family

We had spent a gorgeous afternoon two weeks ago up at our favorite outdoor location doing two family sessions. This family was so fun to meet and spend an hour with! We were all laughing so much and generally having a great time! I’ll tell,

Sonoma County Children’s Photography- Petaluma

Here is the other session I mentioned in Tuesday’s post. We did these photos in the same location, downtown Petaluma, California. There are SO many great locations in our area, but this one is my current favorite for modern photos as there

Sonoma County Children’s Photography- Petaluma

 A few weeks ago we headed out with a different image in mind. As I grow and expand my photography and stretch the limits of what I have done before, I get the urge sometimes to try something totally different. Natalie, our awesome stylist, has

Sonoma County Fall Mini Photo Sessions

It’s that time of year already! Time to start thinking about Christmas cards and family photos! It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone, and around here, the past few weeks have not really convinced me that summer has

A Mom In The Picture

I read this great article the other day and it really hit home with me.  I scrolled through my pictures on my iPhone afterward and realized how few photos I am in with my daughter. I think my sister took a picture of the two of us together back in

Sonoma County Newborn Photographer: Baby Emma

[imageframe width=600 height=400 pattern=”1″ align=”left” alt=””]http://www.sweetpicklephotos.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Emma-VarnerWM-3.jpg[/imageframe] Little Emma, born on her daddy’s birthday, was

Sonoma County Newborn Photographer- A Bundle of Johnny

[imageframe width= height= pattern=”1″ align=”left” alt=””]/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Johnny-Dee-WEB-17.jpg[/imageframe]I’m excited to get on the blog-wagon and start posting about our sessions! Last week, our

Imperfect AND Meaningful!

Greetings blog-readers! Happy Friday! Happy National Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!). Okay, many of you probably aren’t huge Star Wars fans. I’m not really either, though my dad and little brother are (and have even attended

Mothers and Daughters

Last night we had a really fun time with Brooke and her oldest daughter.  There are three sweet girls in this family, but I thought it would be fun to give her oldest a special experience with mom. Both of them are strikingly beautiful and look so

Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer- Baby Alexis

Despite some very rainy weather last week, we had an incredible newborn session in Santa Rosa on Friday!  It was very fun planning this session and creating some custom pieces for baby Alexis! Her sweet mom was excited about all of our ideas and had

The Beginning…

I love beginnings. They are so fresh and new and unspoiled. Beginnings usually come with lots of good intentions, big dreams, and high expectations.  Beginnings are also a little scary- who knows what might happen when we start off on whatever new